How Many Streaming Services, Anyway?

disney plus

I was at a party last night where everyone else was non-CE industry people.

In other words they were normal.

The topic of streaming services came up, so I listened carefully to what they had to say. I kept most of my opinions to myself, because I really wanted to hear what regular consumers think.

Overall, the people participating in the discussion were keen on using streaming services. But there was a certain amount of exasperation in the sheer number of services competing for their dollars.

In case you’re interested while only a couple of people had an Amazon Firestick, everyone has Amazon Prime Video because, well everyone there has an Amazon Prime account, so why wouldn’t you?

Everyone there had Netflix too, and the consensus was that between Netflix and Amazon, people watch Netflix more.

Almost everyone there had Crave, the Canadian broadcasters’ streaming service. But more than one person mentioned that the only reason they have Crave at all is because all the service providers bundle it with HBO.

If you’re a Canadian customer of a service provider and you want HBO? Guess what? You’re getting Crave too.

I was surprised that I was the only person there who subscribes to Disney+ given how everyone else at the party have kids that are younger than mine.

Off topic for a moment, I paid for a year in advance for Disney+ and literally all my kids watch on it is The Simpsons. But that’s another story.

The reason others said they hadn’t added Disney+ was because they felt overwhelmed. On top of what they’re already paying for the internet service and the streaming services they already have, they’re reluctant shell out for more.

I’ve got no real point here. I’ve been meaning to write something about Disney+ ever since I signed up for it. Having the topic come up at a party, and hearing what other people had to say on the subject gave me more to share than if I had just gone on about myself.