HoverCam Partners With Learning Glass for Illuminated Writing Glass Solution

HoverHoverCam announced it has partnered with Learning Glass to bring eGlass, an integrated illuminated writing glass, to the market. eGlass is an all-in-one, transparent writing surface with a built-in camera and adjustable lighting that is designed for remote, hybrid and traditional classrooms.

According to HoverCam, eGlass re-imagines the traditional and virtual whiteboard experience. Leveraging HoverCam’s expertise in camera technology, the built-in camera captures the instructor and whatever they write on the surface of the glass at the same time. As the user writes on the glass, eGlass automatically flips the writing for students to read, and the embedded LEDs intensify the pen ink with an eye-catching glow. While writing, the instructor has direct line of sight with their students without toggling between whiteboard and videoconference software.

Designed for virtual teaching, lesson recording, training and even in-class instruction, teachers can use eGlass in place of a regular whiteboard to boost eye contact and monitor comprehension in real-time. The adjustable light within the bezel of the eGlass frame properly lights the user for the camera, eliminating the need for a separate lighting solution. It can be used in any room, accommodating both light and dark backgrounds.

Available in 35-inch and 50-inch models, eGlass is easy to set up and use, as it plugs into a PC, Mac or Chromebook with a single USB cable. It comes with intuitive software built around HoverCam’s robust and powerful Flex 11 camera software. The eGlass software also features Zoom integration, allowing users to schedule, launch or join Zoom calls directly from eGlass’ software. It’s also compatible with other remote conferencing programs including Microsoft Teams, Skype and Google Meet. In addition, the solution features image insertion, allowing users to drag visual aids directly onto the screen, with the ability to add annotations in real-time.