HoverCam Details UB Tech 2019 Plans

HoverCam will demonstrate its digital learning solutions at the UB Tech Conference 2019, June 10-12 at the Hilton Orlando in Bonnet Creek, Florida at Booth 709. The company will showcase the newest addition to its Pilot series of teaching stations as well as the most advanced version of its industry-leading family of document cameras, the 16 MP, 4K, wireless Ultra 10.

The HoverCam Pilot 5 is a portable-wireless, digital teaching station that offers similar connectivity options to the Pilot 3, separating itself with an all-day rechargeable battery operation, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM memory and 512GB SSD. Pilot 5 uses a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit OS, 13 MP document camera, 10-point-touch 21-inch integrated monitor and HDMI image mirroring up to 4K. The built-in wireless HDMI transmitter sends content to any interactive flat panel (IFP), projector or TV with no dangling cords or cables, keeping rooms neat and safe from tripping hazards. The document camera also features a built-in microphone for capturing audio and enables interactive whiteboarding, annotation and desktop marking for session recording. All notes, annotations, video and audio can be captured in real time for users to access anywhere, anytime and from any device or browser — making it the perfect solution for higher education and commercial training installations that require remote learning or breakout meetings.

The latest models from the company’s line of document cameras will also be on display at the show. The Solo 8 Plus is a lightweight and compact document camera with a 13 MP lens that captures images and live video in up to 4K clarity; supports 1080p full HD video recording and connectivity with iPads, all powered through one USB 3.0 cable. Featuring a 7.1-inch capacitive touch screen, true 4K HDMI output, 16 MP sensor and a powerful Android computer, the Ultra 10 is the ultimate document camera and is ideal for remote learning. The built-in, 7.1 inch, multitouch viewing monitor allows corporate trainers and educators to see exactly what their students see without having to turn their backs on the room. Users can connect a display, IFP or projector in 4K (3840×2160).

HoverCam is here.