For House of Worship, Know Thy Audience

church-mic-1215I continue to hear from people who read about the house of worship market here on rAVe and are looking for ways to differentiate their offerings. For manufacturers and systems integrators alike, I recommend starting with the one problem to solve for churches. The problem is not insufficient or inadequate technology. Churches don’t need more of your tools unless and until they understand how to first address the problem they’re trying to solve. I help you do that in this month’s House of Worship Trends article “Solve One Problem for Churches.” When you do, you’ll be the Neo of their Matrix and realize there is no spoon. Read the article and that will make perfect sense.

I also hear that understanding church trends can be hard to spot. I’ll make that easier this month with my House of Worship Future article “Church Online: AVL Upgrades Needed” where I reveal the stats about this relatively new growth opportunity for the church market. Get ahead of the curve on this one, and you’ll find tremendous sales opportunities to educate churches on the audio, video and lighting technology required to go live or video on demand for church services streamed online.

In both cases, my advice is similar: Know thy audience and you’ll make more sales. The church market continues to grow for AVL… Is your firm serving this under-served market yet? Yes or no, please comment below and share your experience with the House of Worship market. I’d love to hear from you.