HOLOPLOT Adds X2 Sound Reinforcement for Speech-Based, Multicontent Applications

holoplot x2

HOLOPLOT just launched the X2, designed as sound reinforcement for speech-based and multicontent applications. Wrapped in a more compact hardware design, HOLOPLOT’s X2 embraces the same core technologies of 3D Audio-Beamforming and Wave Field Synthesis as the X1, making it more accessible for integration projects across a variety of sectors.

The X2 is optimized for speech applications and builds on HOLOPLOT’s Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurements ever recorded on a train station platform. The Modul 30 (MD30) is a Matrix Array loudspeaker, incorporating 30 full-range drivers in a single-layered matrix arrangement. X2 taps into intelligent software-based optimization of sound system design and performance, as well as guaranteeing seamless and customizable integration.

X2 is specifically engineered to tackle longstanding acoustic issues, significantly decreasing the need for acoustic treatment, by mitigating unwanted reflections, ensuring clear and consistent audio experiences. With the ability to be discreetly positioned behind acoustically transparent screens or wall panels, X2 preserves the architectural integrity of any space, while HOLOPLOT’s optimization algorithms counteract transmission loss.

The simple mounting frame of X2 allows for clean and efficient installation, making it a practical choice for a variety of environments. Building on the modular Matrix Array principles of X1, X2 can be scaled effortlessly to meet the demands of a multitude of spaces. Recognizing the crucial role of clear communication in public address and voice alarm applications, X2 is an optimal choice for safety-critical applications such as train stations and airports.

Engineered to endure challenging environments, X2 is built to withstand extreme weather conditions including high temperatures, humidity, and water exposure. This durability allows X2 to be installed in outdoor venues or other demanding settings without compromising performance or longevity. Whether placed in a tropical resort, a humid indoor pool area, or large outdoor congregation spaces, the MD30 module delivers consistent, high-quality audio performance, no matter the climate or conditions.

With the announcement of X2, HOLOPLOT is also releasing a brand-new version of its sound system design software HOLOPLOT Plan. Alongside a number of feature updates, it now enables planning and simulation of HOLOPLOT sound systems with X2 Audio Modules