HOLOPLOT Partners With Creative Technology to Enter UK Market

penny bodenHOLOPLOT today announced a partnership with Creative Technology, adding HOLOPLOT products to Creative Technology’s audio portfolio. This is aimed at helping HOLOPLOT enter the UK market.

Consisting of Modul 96 and Modul 80-S, HOLOPLOT’s X1 product line is marketed as an entirely new category of sound systems, aimed specifically at solving challenging acoustic environments or adding more authenticity and depth to immersive spaces.

Ryan Penny, head of sales at HOLOPLOT said: “From our first meetings Creative Technology immediately recognized the potential of our technology and its applications. As the first HOLOPLOT Partner in the UK, Creative Technology will be able to extend their leading role in delivering game-changing audio solutions for their clients’ ambitious projects.”

Very quickly both HOLOPLOT and Creative Technology recognized the opportunity in coming together and like us they share the mindset of pushing the boundaries of what is possible in today’s live event environments.”

Mark Boden, head of audio at Creative Technology UK added, “It’s hugely exciting to become the first HOLOPLOT Partner in the UK. HOLOPLOT takes a revolutionary approach to delivering audio for live events and installations which aligns seamlessly with Creative Technology’s mission of using innovative technology to create unforgettable experiences. The flexibility of the system is in my mind unmatched, the control that can be achieved with just one array is astounding.

“Our valued clients across all markets have shown a lot of interest in HOLOPLOT after a very successful demo week at our UK offices as a part of CTFest22 last month, as well as numerous demonstrations also having taken place across several of our other global locations including in Northern Europe and the US. As an international technology provider, the ability to add HOLOPLOT to our global inventory is something we are exploring with our audio teams and our clients — watch this space!”