HOLOPLOT Inside EASE 5 Means Better Acoustic Modeling with X1 and X2 Matrix Array Products

holoplot ease

The inclusion of HOLOPLOT products in the latest EASE 5 update, will allow users to investigate the possibilities and impact of using Matrix Arrays in any venue, according to the company. Users can model Matrix Arrays and Beam Optimizations in the company’s Plan system design software to view sound pressure level simulations. The resulting array configurations can now be exported to EASE 5 for further analysis based on closed-room simulation.

EASE says its software contains over 150 brands of loudspeakers and more than 3,000 individual products.

The addition of the room simulations with EASE 5 enables all closed-room performance metrics such as diffuse fields, STI and auralization predictions to be accurately obtained and easily compared with any product from the 150 brands contained in the EASE 5 Library. Objective validation is another benefit of using brand-independent software to model speaker systems and room acoustics, according to the company.

EASE says tackling complex projects like The Sphere in Las Vegas often drives technological advancements. The development of X1 was specifically tailored to meet the demands of The Sphere’s performance space. These innovations have had a ripple effect on EASE as well. The updated performance standards required for HOLOPLOT simulations in The Sphere’s design have proven beneficial for all users. This includes the introduction of a 64-bit version of the calculation engine used by HOLOPLOT, along with other enhancements, which are now accessible to all users regardless of their loudspeaker preferences.