Holograms they AIN’T

Okay, folks, I love 3D projection. I think that no matter how you slice it, it’s exciting and gee-whiz. I’ve been a devotee for years, staging it and experimenting with 3D and its big cousin, VR.

And I think it’s great that companies are promoting it and that stagers are doing press releases about the 3D work they are staging.

BUT STOP calling them “Holograms”. They AREN’T. A Hologram is a particular type of 3D imagery that is generated and displayed only with lasers.  A hologram is a still image, recorded on film with completely coherent (read: laser) light, and that can be seen from all angles as it seems to float in space. You have seen them in museums, you have seen them in Sharper Image… but you have NOT seen a hologram of a company CEO on stage.

For more info:  Holography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia