High rolling for SiliconCore in Atlantis Spa and Casino

php72UMQUPMAtlantis Spa and Casino Stepped up its Game by installing two of SiliconCore’s Peony 2.6mm Direct View LED display panels with integrators Vision Control Associates.

The new screens are located in the Sports Bar and Lounge area of the casino and feature different sports from all over the world that patrons can place bets on. These vibrant displays give everyone an upfront seat to root for their bets and keep track of all the action. The content featured on the screens switches between live dog and horse races in the daytime and the most prolific matches from any sporting genre in the evenings and at weekends.

Each one of the two Peony 2.6mm displays consisted of an impressive 1344 pixels wide by 768 high, which translates to a screen size of 139” (3.5 metres) wide by 79” (2 metres) high. The screens are driven by video processors, which allow the casino to seamlessly switch between various sources of live content video feeds across the two video walls. Integration partners Vision Control Associates recommended the SiliconCore Technology displays for their dramatic life-like image quality, low power consumption, with any other displays currently available.

SiliconCore’s LED display products are based on the company’s patented Common Cathode technology which significantly lowers power consumption and heat dissipation. This improves the lifespan of the displays and reduces the overall cost of ownership.

Mike Pristow, General Manager, Northern Nevada Operations of Vision Control Associates explained:

“The displays were installed to replace four projectors arranged in two “stacks” of two, with mirrored synchronization on each screen. The problem with this set up was the casino team constantly had to frequently replace projector bulbs due to their short lifespan and also even two bended projectors didn’t perform anything like this LED substitute in terms of brightness. The existing rear projected displays also had a problem as they reflected the ambient light and this really hurt the visibility of the displays. We selected SiliconCore as the perfect replacement due to the increased lifespan of the LED system. This means that the screens will be in place for many years with very little maintenance needed.”

Eric Li, CEO, SiliconCore explains:

“The casino is the perfect environment for SiliconCore displays, the vibrancy of the screens brings the sporting event to life in a very captivating way. The new screens also matched the aspect ratio of their existing setup exactly, so absolutely no reconstruction had to be done other than simply adjusting the picture frame on the outside of the wall, saving the casino significant costs and alleviating extended downtime and customer aggravation. Our Common Cathode technology has widened the parameters of LED use to include these close proximity applications.”