High performance audio meets luxury design at CEDIA EXPO 2015

phpyCwnXfAMCARSON CITY, NV, USA – October 8th, 2015 – Wisdom Audio, the leader in designing and manufacturing high-performance planar magnetic transducers will be demonstrating for the first time it’s SAGE CINEMA SERIES in an active home theater demonstration.

Luc Guillaume said, “While this is our First 3D Audio format demonstration, our focus will be on introducing our new Sage Cinema Series. Rather that creating an unrealistically high channel count, we have opted for a more practical theater size and system design at Expo this year. We will be demonstrating a combination of line source LCRs with point source surround and height channels, featuring both up-mixed and native content in a Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 configuration, highlighting the benefits of line sources and once again, showing the superior reproduction capabilities of Wisdom’s thin-film planar magnetic transducers.”

The Home Theater Environment eight-seat, two-row theater will feature a biamplified front stage of Wisdom Audio’s new Sage Cinema Series Line 2, a Modular Line Source, in combination with eight surround channels of the new Point 2 in their included, passive configuration, and four S90i RTL (Regenerating Transmission Line) subwoofers.

Remarkably, the entire 7.4.4 channel system is concealed in walls that are just over 6 inches deep, in a gorgeous design by H.T.E and including their proprietary acoustical treatment. All 18 channels of amplification, delivering 9 kilowatts of power, will be provided by six Wisdom Audio SA-3 amplifiers, used in concert with a Datasat RS20i loaded with their new Atmos decoding card, and a Kaleidescape System.

Rounding out the demonstration system is a 120-inch wide acoustically transparent video projection screen from Seymour Screen Excellence, and a stunning 4K Video Projector from Sony.

Wisdom Audio’s VP Sales, Jon Herron, stated, “Wisdom has become a must hear demonstration at each CEDIA Expo ever since we set the bar for performance from an all line source system in the big ballroom a couple years ago. We’re equally as excited to show our dealers this amazing new range of products suited for a wider range of their installations this year, and expect to be very busy.”