Hey, Obama, Hire Steve Jobs!

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topsecret-0811I’ve already counted six AV pubs or “bloggers” who’ve written “Steve Jobs is resigning” stories as if none of us read mainstream news websites. Heck, the news was just published a few hours ago, and if you Google it, you’ll already get over 8 Million hits. 8 Million.
Nope, not here. I’m not being a me too.
So, what the heck am I going to write about?
Well, I’m here to tell you what he needs to do next – or, what we need to convince him to do.
I realize that he must be in a precarious health position or he’d have never left Apple – his baby. No doubt the stock will tumble, or readjust, for a few days. He is Apple. But, there are way, way more important things that he can help us with RIGHT AWAY. And, he’s the perfect person to do it – no matter his health situation.
We need to convince Steve Jobs (and President Obama, too) to work with the US Government to tell us HOW TO KEEP A SECRET!
Seriously, have you not noticed? No one – and I mean no one – knows when or what Apple is going to do next. They’ve never been able to predict it – not even close. And, truth be told, the one’s that look like they’ve “scooped” the rest of the press were really tipped off by Apple themselves and the story was planted there to gain interest. But, even then, they are wrong.
Just Google it. You’ll see for yourself.
The fact is, Apple is better at keeping secrets than the US Government. Just ask WikiLeaks!
Think about it, we don’t even know who knew about, who worked on or how long it too the iPad to be created. We don’t know when the iPhone 5 will debut (or even if it’ll be called that) and we certainly don’t know what’s in store for the next generation of iPods.
All the while, WikiLeaks has released the names and addresses of spies for the US government, has insider soldiers blogging from the lines even while being told not to by the US Department of Defense and, just today, they released 779 private files containing the details of the prisoners the US military is holding at Guantanamo Bay.
Yet, we didn’t know that Steve Jobs – the head of the US’s most successful and biggest company (on financial paper, anyway) – was going to resign today until the moment that Apple decided to release it to the public. What the heck? Do you really think Jobs literally notified everyone at Apple at 6:30pm today? No one knew? Sure, there were people that knew, but they can keep a dang secret.
So, please, Mr Jobs, will you consider helping the US military, the US Government and even the president by telling them HOW TO KEEP A SECRET?
Thank you for listening.