Hey, Do You Own an AV Integration Firm? If So, Read This!

NSCA Graphic
NSCA has just released a new white paper: “Mergers & Acquisitions — Don’t Grow Your Business into the Ground.”

Over the past few years, the systems integration industry has seen an active climate of mergers and acquisitions. Approximately 30 NSCA integrator members have been acquired in the last year alone. Although a successful acquisition or merger can lead to increased market share, purchasing leverage, better relationships with key accounts, and increased diversification in technologies and markets, some integrators have important stories to tell about things that can go wrong.

“In the ‘not successful’ instances we’ve seen, lack of success is caused by a failure to blend from a cultural perspective,” said NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “Over the past few years, NSCA has been watching and observing, learning lessons, and speaking with buyers and sellers. We’ve uncovered many things that need to be shared with members so they can make more informed decisions.”

“Mergers & Acquisitions — Don’t Grow Your Business into the Ground” leads integrators through a successful growth process based on the positive — and not-so-positive — experiences of NSCA members. The white paper also includes thoughts from several NSCA trusted advisors — many of whom have walked away from far more deals than they’ve completed. Also, the white paper includes helpful checklists:

  • What to look for during the merger or acquisition process
  • Indicators of a no-go deal
  • How to deal with gut feelings during the process

This information will also be used to guide an upcoming breakout session at the 22nd annual Business & Leadership Conference in Irving, Texas. CapitalValue Advisors Managing Director Chris Younger will lead “Avoid Growing Your Business into the Ground” on Feb. 27, 2020. Facilitated by NSCA Board of Directors President Josh Shanahan and PSA President Bill Bozeman, the workshop discusses the influence of private equity in the integration industry and growing M&A activity. This industry shift will be explored as attendees gain insight into the types of changes that occur as company ownership is altered.

NSCA members can download the white paper at no cost here.