HES Launches SolaWash and Master Wing

High End Systems is launching a couple of new lighting products at the Pro Light & Sound show in Frankfurt this month.

The SolaWash 19 and SolaWash 37 are high brightness moving wash lights that will complement High End System’s existing LED fixtures, the SolaSpot LED and Trackspot Bolt. Powered by 15-watt RGBW LEDs, and offering the deep hues provided by the company’s Indigo Highlighter, these fast, compact and versatile fixtures are meant for applications such as concerts, theaters or corporate events. Features such as built-in dynamic patterns and lenses, a 12- to 65-degree zoom, variable CTO and multiple fixture modes offer a lot of flexibility.

High End Systems is also launching the Master Wing 4 for the HOG4 family, which has 30 fader-less playback masters – as well as a rate encoder, also found on the HOG4. The Master Wing 4, like the Playback Wing 4, comes with a 15.6” widescreen touch panel and a slot for expansion with a Super Widget or MIDI Timecode Widget.

Finally, the company is unveiling new features for the HOG 4 family at the show, including Command Keys, which is the ability to attach any directory items to the LCD User Keys.

Find out more about these products at http://www.highend.com