Here’s Your Chance to See Everything DTEN at Enterprise Connect 2024


dten enterprise connect 2024

This is my third year covering Enterprise Connect. I love this show because it’s different than any other trade show I cover — it’s heavily attended by end users and IT professionals. At a show that, at its most basic level, is about communicating in various forms, unified communication technology is abundant.

When I talk about UC tech, I have to mention DTEN. I head straight to this booth at EC every year, and it has never disappointed me. I think because the company is so new (its first product, the DTEN D5, was launched in 2017), the people who work there were forced to make some quick decisions during the pandemic — and they made the right ones. I describe DTEN as a company that makes collaboration possible no matter your room size or shape. And while DTEN’s portfolio of solutions and services backs my statement up, the company was really focusing on a few key things at Enterprise Connect. Let me walk you through what those were.

First of all, if you want to see a little bit of everything and get the best idea of what the booth looked like, check out this booth tour that Scott Krueckeberg, head of strategic alliances at DTEN, gave me.

Now, let’s break down some of what we just saw above.


If you know DTEN, you might know that the company used to make products exclusively for use with Zoom’s platform. Great for me since that’s my platform of choice, but that left out an entire potential market. Last year, DTEN began making products for use with MS Teams. And this year, at EC, the company was ready and waiting to show attendees how far it has come. 

Jackson Root, DTEN senior marketing manager, was kind enough to walk me through DTEN’s MS Teams lineup, which includes its D7X 75-inch and 55-inch all-in-one displays, the DTEN Bar all-in-one video bar and DTEN Mate 10-inch touch-screen tablet:

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Your New Favorite Video Bar

Gary Kayye wrote in this year’s Krystal Ball article that many, many companies have video bars right now. While there are a few on the market that are quite good, the DTEN Bar is what I would recommend to anyone with a flex space or room that might ever change layouts.

Here’s why:

Now, if there is another video bar on the market that changes orientation (let alone one that does it as smoothly), I certainly haven’t found it. While you’re probably not going to turn the Bar around in the middle of a meeting, the above shows that you could install it above or below a display. You could even install it vertically between two. It keeps a 16:9 aspect ratio the whole time.

You can see it in action in various orientations here:


Partnerships make the world go round, or at least they do in AV. Products that leverage each other’s strengths tend to play well, especially in UCC, and DTEN surprised me with a DTEN Mate tablet integrated with Extron control — so not only can you join your meeting, but you can also control the lighting, display settings and shades. I really hope to see some more stuff like this from DTEN — I think it will only make the company bigger and better.

So now you know the focal points of DTEN’s presence at Enterprise Connect, but that barely scratches the surface of its products and surfaces. You can check all those out on the company’s website here. 

Until next year, Enterprise Connect! (And to DTEN, see you at InfoComm!)