Here’s What Utelogy Is Doing at InfoComm 2024

utelogy infocomm 2024

Utelogy Corporation is exhibiting at InfoComm 2024 (#C6609) and will be highlighting the latest platform updates and more.

Utelogy will introduce several new features that will significantly elevate the capabilities and value of the Utelogy Platform. Key among these is an upgraded analytics engine, which now includes advanced reporting capabilities. Users will benefit from detailed SLA reporting and new room utilization reports integrated with occupancy data, offering a comprehensive view of space usage to enable better management and optimization.

The company will add U-Server application functionality within the U-Manage cloud, streamlining remote management and troubleshooting for AV and IT technicians. This move enhances efficiency, allowing technicians to address device issues even faster from anywhere with ease and precision.

By embracing these advancements, Utelogy aims to empower organizations to create a more adaptable and responsive work environment. The platform’s enhanced analytics, cloud capabilities, and agnostic approach ensure that businesses can deliver a great user experience and effectively manage their global operations and help achieve their strategic performance objectives.

According to Kevin Morrison, CEO of Utelogy, “The rapid growth of Utelogy is driven by the increasing demand from our customers to deliver an improved user experience and meeting equity for all employees using video and collaboration technology. We continue to enhance our platform to address current market needs, and our new features deliver significant additional value for our end users and partners. We are excited to showcase our latest innovations at InfoComm and continue to empower our customers to harness the full potential of their smart workplace.”

Utelogy’s mission is to provide solutions that elevate the users total experience (TX) through actionable insights and analytics whilst significantly reducing operational costs. The company’s Utelligence Program for industry standards around security and agnosticism will continue to be a focal point of the exhibit. Additionally, Utelogy will continue to highlight its expansion and ability to integrate with other workplace elements, such as booking systems for deeper analytics, IoT, and BYOD, to support the ever-growing hybrid workforce.

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Frank Pellkofer, president of Utelogy, stated, “The global workspace continues to evolve rapidly, presenting both challenges and significant growth opportunities. We are excited to showcase how Utelogy’s Platform transforms support methodologies from reactive to proactive, with smart automations and self-healing scenarios. This resonates with geographically dispersed companies focused on providing unparalleled value and enhancing the employee experience. Additionally, we are thrilled to demonstrate how seamlessly Utelogy can integrate into existing IT management workflows, leveraging the ITIL methodology to deliver proven value within the first 90 days. This ensures organizations can optimize operations and achieve strategic goals efficiently.”

Utelogy will also highlight the following upcoming key products and feature enhancements at InfoComm 2024.

  • Partnerships and Integrations: Barco, Bose, Catchbox, Cisco, GUDE Systems, Intel, Jabra, Lightware Visual Engineering, Logitech, LG, Neat, Netio, Netgear, NFS, Poly, Sennheiser, Sony, SurgeX, Yealink and others.
  • Upgraded Analytics Engine: Featuring advanced reporting capabilities, including detailed SLA reporting and room utilization integrated with occupancy data, providing comprehensive insights for better space management.
  • Cloud-Based Functionality: New capabilities for real-time monitoring and control of devices from the cloud, enhancing remote management and operational efficiency.
  • Environmental Monitoring and Sustainability Initiatives: Advanced integration with environmental sensors to provide detailed analytics on air quality, temperature, and other crucial metrics, supporting sustainability initiatives.
  • ServiceNow Integration: Launched earlier this year, learn more about the seamless integration with ServiceNow for streamlined service ticket management and enhanced operational workflows.