Here’s What HOLOPLOT Will Show at ISE 2024


HOLOPLOT returns to this year’s ISE to showcase its audio products. The acclaimed X1 product series, the sound of Sphere, once again takes center stage, joined for the first time by the new, more compact X2 Matrix Array.

HOLOPLOT says its technology enables precise control over sound in both the horizontal and vertical axes, allowing users to tackle challenging acoustic environments and produce realistic audio for stereo deployments, as well as add and explore creative capabilities to enhance immersive sound designs. Most recently, this has been showcased at the Las Vegas Sphere, a next-generation live entertainment venue, where HOLOPLOT is the exclusive provider of the sound system.

HOLOPLOT says the Matrix Array’s unique technology uses proprietary algorithms and integrated software applications to “precisely shape and steer sound to where it’s needed and remove it from where it is not.” The company says this solves fundamental challenges and achieves coverage of the audience area, regardless of shape or size.

HOLOPLOT says the X1 is equally at home in large, high SPL environments like Sphere, and smaller, more intimate settings, providing high-fidelity audio. Meanwhile, the recently launched, more compact X2 Matrix Array sets a new standard in sound reinforcement for speech-based and multi-content applications. This combination allows HOLOPLOT systems to cater to a wider array of applications and multiple market segments.

Like X1, HOLOPLOT says X2 provides an unmatched level of sound control. By focusing the sound on the audience area and avoiding reflective surfaces, the X2 MD30 achieves significantly better speech intelligibility than conventional loudspeaker technologies, making it the perfect solution for public address systems, conferences, and houses of worship, amongst others.

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HOLOPLOT says X2 eliminates the need for external amplification racks and minimizes the infrastructure needed to accommodate the system. At less than 13 cm (5.1”), integration is unobtrusive and even flush mounting is possible, whilst the ability to be arrayed horizontally and vertically to create differently sized arrays in either landscape or portrait orientation provides limitless scalability and flexibility.

The company says the X2 can be discreetly placed behind acoustically transparent screens or wall panels, or disappear completely inside wall cavities, preserving the architectural integrity of any space. HOLOPLOT says its proprietary algorithms ensure any audio transmission losses are compensated for. Custom colors and finishes mean the product will blend into any surroundings and a weatherized option means it can be installed in outdoor venues and other demanding environments without compromising performance.

HOLOPLOT will announce the biggest update to their products’ operating system at ISE 2024. OS 2.0 is now available to existing and new users, giving them access to new and improved capabilities and functionalities, accessible via HOLOPLOT software tools Plan and Control. The company says the latter provides an intuitive and seamless end-to-end workflow from design to installation, through content production and final system deployment. This approach reduces the need for cumbersome hardware upgrades that require new infrastructure, future-proofing the investment.

Visit HOLOPLOT on stand 7G700 in Hall 7 to listen to the intelligibility of X2 and find out more about the HOLOPLOT workflow. To experience the astounding control and audio clarity of X1, the sound of Sphere, visit Audio Demo Room B2 in Hall 8.