Here’s Part of the Agenda for DSS Europe in July

dss europe

Digital Signage Summit (DSS) Europe is Europe’s leading strategy conference for digital signage and DooH, according to organizers. It’s where the C-level figures come together to discuss and debate the latest developments in the industry. At the Hilton Munich Airport from May 22-23, leaders from the world of digital signage and DooH will share their views on hot industry topics, including:

Panels featuring key industry players from EMEA, North America, the Middle East and APAC will delve into the current state of the industry. The emergence of new-generation platforms is disrupting traditional roles along the value chain. The introduction of Samsung VXT marks just the beginning of this transformation. As the economy shifts away from carbon-intensive hardware and software, how does Europe’s digital signage industry plan to embrace sustainability? While the demand for linear TV advertising is decreasing and online/mobile advertising remains stagnant, Digital out-of-Home (DooH) and retail media are experiencing significant growth. IT security experts from leading tech companies will discuss the current threat landscape and propose solutions to manage cybersecurity effectively. Various panels will explore topics such as analytic and generative AI, the competition among backend technologies and the role of B2B IoT. End users and digital signage experts will share best practices in vertical markets, ranging from retail to QSR, automotive to beauty, and corporate sectors.

DSS Europe says it brings together “world-leading thought leaders and experts” in a venue and event format ideal for professional development and networking. The speaker line-up for DSS Europe includes:

  • Joan Aixa, European business director, TD Synnex
  • Bastiaan Amsing, founder, Global Signage Alliance / ScreenCom
  • Uli Benker, head of marketing, Numbat
  • Andy Bohli, CEO and owner, Imaculix
  • Dan Brookes, emerging technologies partner and alliance manager, Intel
  • Stewart Caddick, president, Connectiv
  • Angela Coleman, director, Ivista
  • Jean-Charles Figoni, CEO, idklic / Stratacache
  • Craig Francis, digital signage partner manager and product expert, Google ChromeOS EMEA
  • Dave Haynes, publisher/editor, Sixteen-Nine
  • Wesley Johnston, Sensmi
  • Alan Kaufman, president, Dynascan Technology, Inc.
  • Tobias Lang, CEO, Lang AG
  • Frank Larsen, CCO, SignageLive
  • Monika Lindquist, CMO and CCO, Visual Art
  • Christian Meitinger, associate director, Anthesis Group
  • Rick Mills, CEO, CRI
  • Anders Olin, CEO, ZetaDisplay
  • Jean-Pierre Overbeek, CEO, Gather
  • Lars Peters, SVP public video operations, STRÖER
  • Siân Rees, global business director of solutions and partnerships, PPDS
  • William Sam, head of solutions market development and integration, Samsung Knox
  • Christian Schulz, vice president of support DooH and DS, STRÖER
  • Jan Schwark, vice president DooH, Jolt
  • Oliver Schwede, manager solution sales – digital media solutions, Cancom
  • Roman Sick, CEO, Holoplot
  • Johannes Troeger, SVP strategy and business development, Ameria
  • Diederick Ubels, managing director EMEA, Vistar Media
  • Martijn van der Woude, vice president (global business development and marketing), PPDS
  • Hubert van Doorne, business development director, Nexmosphere
  • Miguel Vieira, service portfolio manager, Sharp NEC
  • Rik Willemse, head of professional displays and soutions, Sony

The full session agenda is available here: