Helsinki Home Delivered to Tech-sperts Looking to Level up Their Life Without Compromise

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Helsinki, Finland, March 2021: Take a hike, takeaway. Move over, Amazon. There’s an all new delivery to unbox this Spring: and it’s set to be life-changing. In a world first, Helsinki will be home-delivered to ten top talented individuals in the tech industries, for FREE. Gaming experts, data analysts and techies will be given a hint of Helsinki in a clever bid to attract their expertise to the capital city that gave us the SMS, 5G, SSH protocol and the Linux operating system. Invited to Helsinkify their homes until travel restrictions ease, ten lucky applicants will receive a box (worth 1,000 Euros) including classic Finnish design items symbolising Helsinki’s uncompromising freedom.

Helsinki Freedom, Home-Delivered is an initiative to ignite the careers of international tech talent and connect them with companies from the Helsinki region. Despite being home to some of the largest, most innovative tech companies, the city is suffering from a talent shortage, meaning exciting opportunities for those looking to level up not just their careers but their lifestyles too. The birthplace of Nokia, Rovio and Supercell is reaching out for ‘future Finns’ to join the Helsinki Talent Pool, and apply for the world’s first home-delivered city in a box, designed to showcase the freedom that can be experienced living in the Finnish capital.

Freedom such as the ability to ‘beta test’ – trial and error is part of the city’s DNA and thriving start-up scene which benefits from considerable venture capital investment, totalling €511 million, in 2019. Helsinki is hothousing business-minded talent through a strong, grassroots movement ranging from student-led entrepreneurship associations to Slush, Europe’s leading startup event helping the next generation of entrepreneurs through community led learning and investment.

By joining the Helsinki Talent Pool, software engineers, developers, UX designers, technical recruiters, product owners and AI researchers will not only have the opportunity to win the box and experience for free Finnish life in their living room, but they will also get the chance to present themselves as an ideal candidate to Greater Helsinki based companies searching for talent. Progressive global companies like Google, Bayer and GE Healthcare have established campuses in the region and businesses like these are looking for tech talent to join them in developing cutting-edge innovations. Little wonder Finland was ranked seventh most innovative country in the world in 2020.*

Despite movement being limited right now, Helsinki is determined to share with the world what freedom means for its residents. Reliable healthcare and free education provide a sense of security for everyone. The close proximity of nearby nature boosts serotonin and helps release one’s inner wild side (one third of Helsinki consists of parks and other green spaces). An inclusive society means everyone is welcome and innovative tech and a healthy work-life balance** means life is made simpler and more FUN. Certainly a quality seasoned gamers will attest to as the city that brought us Angry Birds and Clash of Clans has a flourishing gaming scene.
Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor of Helsinki says: ”I often say that it makes sense to come to Helsinki: Helsinki is small enough to be a test-bed for new innovations, but large enough to deliver scalable results. In the future, we also want to grow in size – not just in the size of corporations, but in size of impact, responsibility and influence. This is why we need the best talent and innovations to make Helsinki their home.”

Evon Blomstedt, founder of HUONE Meeting Venues, in Helsinki since 2003 says: “This is a safe, clean, well organised city which is home to people who are fair, honest and well educated. During the past decade, Helsinki has become one of the most innovative cities in the world. I have witnessed this within the ecosystem Finland has designed to encourage startups and new innovations.”

Ranked #1 in the UN’s 2020 World Happiness Report, it’s no secret that Finnish life is special. Sharing what this freedom means for its residents, Helsinki is packing the best bits in a box to tempt top tech talent to Helsinkify their lives.

Applications for Helsinki Freedom, Home Delivered, are open until mid-April HERE.

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