Head of Global Sales – Strategic Partners at Google becomes President of Americas Business at Pexip

I was delivered this news this morning that, as I and others will see it, certainly impacts the video conferencing world:

Pexip Hires Amy Kim of Google, Inc. as President of its Americas Business


Pexip, one of the industry’s leading innovators in scalable, distributed collaboration software, today announced that it has hired Amy Kim of Google, Inc. to serve as President of its Americas business. Kim will join Pexip on January 1 2016, and be responsible for all of Pexip’s business in the Americas. What is of course the larger news is that Amy Kim comes from Google as their Head of Global Sales with a very impressive track record. Kim was one of the first to be hired into the Google for Work (previously Google Enterprise) organization and was fundamental in developing the first marquee customers in the Large customer base. During her eight years in the company, she has held a variety of leadership positions including managing the search business as well as the SaaS business around apps and cloud platform.

In her most recent position, Kim’s focus has been working with Strategic Partners and building a partner centric sales strategy for the Google for Work business as Head of Global Sales for Strategic Partners. Åsmund O. Fodstad, Pexip CEO is excited to have Kim aboard with the company. “Not only does it signal the great potential for our company and its people, technology, and products, but just as importantly, it shows that we are a company that attracts the greatest talents in a hugely competitive market. Hiring Amy to our team is part of entering the next phase for Pexip, a phase where we become an integral part in solving enterprise communications and collaboration challenges.” Fodstad said.

Amy Kim describes joining Pexip as an “incredible opportunity.” Kim went on to say: “The company already has a proven track record with Fortune 500 and Large Enterprise customers, and its technology is second to none. I strongly believe I can contribute to making Pexip hugely successful in the Americas and on a global scale. I am proud to be able to head its Americas business, and look forward to joining the team shortly.”

On January 1 2016, Kim will immediately take on her new responsibilities and she will be based in Pexip’s New York office. I can’t imagine seeing this as anything less than a huge addition to the Pexip executive team and their building business model as well.

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