HDTV Supply Will Sell Matrox Directly to End Users

HDTV MatroxHDTV Supply is now selling Matrox directly to end users. In the announcement, HDTV Supply said, “A primary focus of this partnership is to provide professionals with state-of-the-art video capture and processing solutions that deliver outstanding image quality, versatility and performance. HDTV Supply’s extensive range of high-definition video equipment, coupled with Matrox’s industry-leading video processing technologies, will enable content creators, broadcasters and videographers to capture and process stunning visuals with unmatched clarity, color accuracy and detail.”
The partnership will prioritize the integration of emerging technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR), wide color gamut (WCG) and immersive audiovisual experiences. HDTV Supply and Matrox will collaborate to develop solutions that support these technologies, enabling users to create “visually captivating” content and deliver immersive experiences to audiences.
Additionally, according to the announcement, the partnership will foster collaboration in research and development, ensuring that both companies stay at the “forefront of technological advancements and industry standards.” HDTV Supply and Matrox will establish joint teams to explore emerging audiovisual technologies, conduct experiments and drive continuous innovation, enabling customers to benefit from the latest advancements in video capture, processing and display solutions.
Here’s where you can find all the Matrox products available via HDTV Supply: