HDMI Updates Trademark and Logo Guidelines, Confuses Us Further

hdmilogo 1209

hdmilogo-1209HDMI Licensing, LLC released updated Adopted Trademark and Logo Guidelines this month that are aimed to simplify trade marking, but remind us of the ever-perplexing color-coding “terror alert” system we see at airports.

The so-called HDMI Guidelines include specific new requirements for manufacturers, distributors, retailers (that’s some of you!), and installers (that’s the rest of you!!). There are significant changes regarding the use of version numbers and marketing for HDMI cables.

Ed. Note: Dear HDMI Police — We hope we decoded the guideline for using this logo we’ve printed here – but, if we didn’t, please don’t sue us as we’re just trying to get this info out for you…

You need to at least glance at this, but you’ll need a secret-decoder ring or a PhD in ethics to understand it. Click here to view.