Have You Considered Becoming a CEDIA ROI?

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CEDIAWhat’s the ROI?  CEDIA’s Registered Outreach Instructor program enables CEDIA members to provide continuing education to their local design and build industry partners. CEDIA members who take and pass the ROI “Train the Trainer” class can present CEDIA-developed courseware to industry partners within their geographic regions. This grassroots member benefit will impact the member’s ability to develop new business relationships without the cost of course development or submission for approval through industry partner associations.

And, again, the BEST PART ABOUT THIS is that all the curriculum is written for you and given to you – so you teach it and you become known as the EXPERT in your region/area!
This is a slam-dunk it seems to me.
So, why aren’t you doing it?  You should!  The CEDIA ROI not only helps you become a better trainer through their “Train the Trainer” program by giving you the tools you need to teach (i.e. the presentation templates, the course materials, etc), but they also mentor you into becoming a better instructor through expert teaching and mentoring programs.  In fact, many of the ROI’s who’ve gone through the CEDIA program have become writers for industry pubs like rAVe and have become the de facto-standard leaders in their communities on HomeAV technology.

Seriously, you need to check this out:  http://www.cedia.net/outreach/become_roi.php