HARMAN Pro Launches New Training and Certification Program

HPU_stack_color_PMS3015-0516HARMAN Pro today announced the new HARMAN Professional University, which takes HARMAN learning and certification to the next level. Designed to be a cohesive and relevant training experience for customers, partners and industry professionals, HARMAN Professional University provides a well-designed curriculum that is a roadmap to success for all participants. Certifications are valid for three years from the time of achievement and can be renewed through continuing education.

With a comprehensive range of new online and instructor-led courses, students gain valuable design, commissioning and programing training across a variety of industry disciplines, including audio, video, control and networked AV. Additionally, with the new HARMAN Professional University, management has redefined what it means to be “HARMAN Certified,” bringing a greater depth of instruction, more real-world relevance and a new three-year renewal model for certifications.

“Our entire purpose is to facilitate knowledge transfer that’s focused on empowering our partners to be successful in their deployment of HARMAN solutions,” said Chris Backus, Senior Manager, HARMAN Professional University. “All of our efforts are focused on successful delivery outcomes. Teaching is one thing, but teaching with partner success as the targeted objective is something very different.”

Because employee skillsets and expectations vary greatly, HARMAN Professional University administrators created a certification offering that reflects the different needs of the marketplace. The new HARMAN Professional University Certification program addresses this need by offering multiple certification tiers to better convey an industry professional’s proficiency with HARMAN solutions.

The first tier is a multipart series focused on basic industry knowledge expected of students attending an instructor-led course. The material is broadly applicable to anyone in the AV/IT industry, and this achievement does not expire.

The second tier is the associate level of training. To achieve this level of certification, a student must successfully complete the associate level online assessment, which is designed to demonstrate initial proficiency in the certification subject area. This achievement does not expire.

The third tier is the professional level of training. To achieve this level of certification, a student must successfully achieve a passing score on the Professional Level Certification written and practical exams. These individuals demonstrate their proficiency in the subject matter and should be capable of performing virtually all job-related tasks without assistance. This certification expires three years after achievement and can be renewed through continuing education.

Certification holders who passed legacy AMX courses will be offered a conversion path to the HARMAN Professional University program.

More information is here.