Hall Technologies Announces Lynx 4K Extender Set

hall technologies lynx 4k

Hall Technologies just announced the Lynx 4K extender set for sending 4K video and audio signals up to 60 meters over CAT6 cable. With Lynx, you can cascade up to 8 receivers to scale functionality and maximize distribution distance exceeding 400m — these will officially debut at ISE 2023 in Barcelona.

The LYNX 4K Extender Set features Ultra HD resolution, 4K 60Hz video signal with audio and control up to 60m (197ft) over a single Cat6 cable. Both the LYNX-TX and the LYNX-RX include local audio de-embedding via 3.5mm stereo output. The LYNX-TX, transmitter includes a local loop output, to allow for monitoring and playback status of the local source.

The Lynx Series is in stock and all the specs are here: halltechav.com/lynx-series/