HAI MicroControl Companion Announced, Remote Control for Stand-Alone Energy Management System

Home Automhai-microcontrol-0112ation, Inc. (HAI) has announced the development of a MicroControl Companion for inclusion in its stand-alone wireless energy management system.

HAI’s wireless ZigBee-based system claims to ensure energy savings in new construction and retrofit, controlling lights, lamps, fans, shades, pumps and more. The system features a wireless mesh network, with each device automatically repeating the signal as necessary. The system may be used stand-alone or integrated into an HAI home control system for increased functionality.

Homeowners may set this item on a tabletop or mount to the wall and monitor or control temperatures and other energy-consuming devices. Multiple MicroControl Companions may be used, up to the 64 device limit of a MicroControl system. HAI expects the MicroControl Companion to be available at the end of the Q1 2012.

More specs can be found here.