Zoom Corporation Debuts the H3-VR VR Audio for Recording, Capturing and Encoding 360-Degree Audio

Zoom Corporation introduced this week the H3-VR virtual reality audio recorder — a recorder that can capture, encode and decode spatial audio all in one device. The H3-VR’s four-capsule Ambisonic mic captures four channels of 360-degree audio up to 24 bit/96 kHz. The onboard decoder automatically converts the raw Ambisonics A audio to VR-ready Ambisonics B audio, so it can easily be paired with your 360-video. And no computer is required.

The H3-VR can also record stereo files in binaural mode, providing a hyper-realistic spatial recording for 2D creators looking to add more depth to their sound. For musicians, this means transporting fans from the back row to center stage. A six-axis motion sensor provides the H3-VR with auto mic position and level detection, so however you position the mic from scene to scene, your 360-audio and video orientations will stay aligned.

The $349.99 Zoom H3-VR is here.