GreenAV – Episode 9: Production and Green AV, a Conversation with Paul Salinger, VP Marketing, Oracle

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GreenAVWhat do you do when you are charged with leading sustainable production (and overall sustainability) for the world’s largest IT event (close to 52,000 attendees) and 8,000 global events per year? Well, Paul Salinger, vice president of marketing for Oracle and his team discovered this answer over the last several years. From achieving a 70 percent waste diversion rate (that’s hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste diverted from landfills) to saving $2 million over the course of five years, their focus on reporting and evaluation of the supply chain has transformed this event. They have determined that the potential carbon impact of AV is greater than the carbon impact of ground shuttles by an estimated 11 metric tons of emissions… obviously it’s time for staging companies to step into this void and learn how we can have a greater impact. Find out more about Paul and resources he suggests to see how you can make a difference.