Green Hippo To Improve Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance Program

green hippo hrsa

Green Hippo is improving its Hardware Replacement and Software Assurance Program (HRSA), highlighting that the initiative enables users to future-proof software upgrades and trade-in ageing Hippotizer Media Servers for newer models.

Available for all Hippotizer Media Servers owners, the Hardware Replacement half of the Program enables existing Hippotizer V4 and V4+ owners to trade their systems in for brand-new Hippotizer V4+ MK2 servers at a discounted price. The Software Assurance halfdetermines what versions of new software will install onto a Hippotizer system, providing the certainty of future software features needed to plan for product investment. Together, HRSA reduces the total cost of ownership of a Hippotizer Media Server, delivering a faster and better ROI.

“Our HRSA Program isn’t new, but we are bolstering the service to re-inform Hippotizer users that they have a cost-effective upgrade path to the latest Hippotizer hardware and software, combined with our legendary Hippotizer support,” says Frithjof Becker, Director of EMEA Sales. “Our R&D team has been working hard to design, implement and release upgrades across the board and we know our users are hungry for the best features on the market. At a time when the AV landscape is advancing so quickly and Hippotizer users are creating the cutting edge of what’s possible, the Hippotizer HRSA Program is there to support you.”

Green Hippo is highlighting that V4 and V4+ systems can be Hardware Replaced to the latest Hardware Revision at any time, and each Hardware Revision system is new from the factory and includes a one-year hardware warranty. In most cases, Hardware Replacement can be carried out with only minutes of down-time, and the old system does not even need to work – as long as it contains all the major components it can still be replaced.

Green Hippo says the best way to find out more or get involved with the HRSA Program is to fill out this form