Green Hippo Updates Hippotizer Projection-Mapping Software

green hippo hippotizer update

Green Hippo just released an upgrade to its Hippotizer projection-mapping software which introduces an entirely new design, pre-programming and content delivery workflow. Version 4.6 includes all-new planning, visualization and timeline control architecture, opening up further creative opportunities for designers.

New design features include “Projector Planning,” giving full visibility of the projection environment and requirements and improved integration with third-party 3D tools (C4D, DAE, OBJ) and textures in Cinema 4D. The Hippotizer development team says this takes the guesswork out of projector placement, providing information on coverage, brightness and pixel manipulation, even before getting to the site.

New features to enhance project preparation include the enhanced TimelinePlus, with access to hundreds of programmable playback parameters within the keyframe interface, and an upgraded SHAPE Visualizer, a full resolution, full frame-rate 3D pre-visualization tool.

Other built-in features in Hippotizer’s MultiController allow programmers to automate content and media playback to react to triggers. V4.6’s automated projector alignment MPCDI (Multiple Projection Common Data Interchange) is a VESA standard for exchanging information between systems needed to blend, color correct and warp a projector. Hippotizer uses MPCDI data to interface with camera-based automatic alignment systems such as VIOSO and DomeProjection, meaning Hippotizer can now use cameras to warp, blend and color correct common “simple” projection surfaces such as domes or flat walls.

Hippotizer v4.6 is available for download now.