Greater Columbus Convention Centre Gets North America’s First LG installed Direct View LED Powered by Signagelive

The Greater Columbus Convention Centre are wrapping up a 22-month expansion and renovation project, according to Experience Columbus. The $140 million dollar changes include:

  • Adding 37,000 square feet of exhibit space
  • Upgrading finishes and aesthetics in meeting rooms, ballrooms and public spaces
  • An expansive two level open atrium
  • Full exterior renovations including a new 800 space parking garage connected to the convention center by a covered skybridge
  • Displaying more than 150 pieces of local art
  • The opportunity for digital signage
  • Use digital signage to direct, wayfind and entertain (featuring a Mondrianesque inspired wall with six display screens)

The main digital feature is the 7×60-foot digital video wall that greets visitors in ’The Connector,’ a large corridor that connects the north area of the convention centre to the south.

The Inspiration

  • Rhett Ricart, Greater Columbus Convention Centre Board Member, visited the World Trade Centre and witnessed its 280-foot long display video wall and was inspired.
  • The video wall features a 4-mm LED display that measures 280 feet long with 16 continuous HD outputs that can be driven natively and included over 15 million pixels.
  • The vision was formed to provide the Greater Columbus Convention Centre with something similar, but on a smaller scale, as they underwent the expansion and renovation project.

Key Project Requirements and Challenges

Coffman Media was hired as the solutions integrator. As a solutions integrator, it’s their job to lead the process of integrating the software with the hardware and will often collaborate with multiple sources to make this happen.

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions serves commercial display customers in the US digital signage market. LG provides access to some of the most advanced and flexible commercial display and accessories in the market, including their Direct View LED displays.

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Direct View LED just means that no liquid crystal (LCD) or polarised glass is used. Each “pixel,” or tiny lightbulb, produces a particular colour from it’s cluster of red, green and blue bulbs on the panel, which creates the image needed to be displayed. Direct view has no bezels and can make a seamless video wall resulting in a perfect solution.

This is the first ever Direct View LED video wall installation in North America. A 4-millimeter LG Direct View LED display was used to complete the video wall, which boasts 540 thousand pixels.

The LEDs were mounted with Peerless AV‘s SmartMount video wall mounts that were custom created for the LG Direct View LEDs. Their mount features include cable management, easy hang hardware, and a pop out mechanism, if needed.

The content was designed by Reese Brothers Productions. The goal was to use local artist’s work to be displayed throughout the Convention Centre — so why not add it into the content on the video wall as well. This created some very visually stimulating content pieces throughout the content loop, keeping onlookers close by to see what might be displayed next.

The content management system, or software, for the video wall is powered by Signagelive. Signagelive has created a platform that offers digital signage as a service. Signagelive partner with over 560 resellers globally, including Coffman Media — one of their top North American resellers, to provide software, servers and support.

This short video shows some examples of how the content is displayed on the Greater Columbus Convention Centre video wall.

See the video here.