Grass Valley to Incorporate Iomega REV Storage in ProAV Products

Grass Valley and Iomega announced a joint development at InfoComm that will result in the incorporation of Iomega REV removable storage technologies in Grass Valley’s ProAV products, beginning with the Turbo iDDR. Iomega and Grass Valley will also work to develop REV technologies for a broader set of professional applications.

REV storage solutions are high-density, removable storage media available from an estimated 20,000 resellers, systems integrators and retail outlets worldwide and 3,000 dedicated REV resellers alone in the United States.

With removable media available for less than $60 (49 Euros) and capable of holding more than two hours of 25 Mb/s SD or HD video, the combination of REV technology and Grass Valley products is a real boost to Turbo.

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