GPO’s Touch Tables Are the Real Deal

gpo-displays-1116This may be the simplest way to sell turnkey touch table bundles. GPO Display, a Fremont, Calif.-based manufacturer of 4K and 1080p commercial displays, recently began shipping some unique turnkey touch table bundles. There are three table bundles that are designed bring multi-screen interactivity to presentations and meetings, museum exhibits, corporate lobbies, car dealerships and wide range of other settings. Lima software, by Touchtech, allows InteracTable (this is what GPO brands as its touch surface technology) users to resize, rotate, clone and annotate on a wide range of file types and web pages for an immersive table experience. The Table Bundle takes this experience even further by allowing users swipe content from the InteracTable to one of three extended desktop options: a 55” 2×2 video wall (110” diag.) on floor stands, a wall-mounted 49” 3×3 video wall (147” diagonal) or a 70” commercial LCD monitor. When a piece of content is swiped, a “clone” auto-snaps to fill the extended desktop while the main file remains on the InteracTable surface, allowing users to annotate and draw on the content. This annotation/drawing is reproduced on the content shown on the extended desktop. It’s a pretty cool, simple way to move content — check out this video here and note that, at the 0:46 mark, the user “swipes” the content towards the wall and it moves from the table display to the wall:

Each of these bundles immediately brings a new dimension to sales environments such as furniture or interior design show rooms, car dealerships, architectural sales, etc. Salespeople can bring up examples of items that may not be present on the show floor or examples of products in use, all while using the drawing/annotation tool to highlight aspects of a particular photo or video. While all of this can be done on table alone, the swiping of content to a large extended desktop gives users a more life-sized impression of the content that is being reviewed.

gpo-displays2-1116The cost of lending touch interactivity to a video wall can be significant — much higher than the addition of an interactive table in many cases. The “Anywhere” and “Impact” Bundles allow you to integrate touch into your video wall experience without the added cost of applying a touch overlay and protective glass to a video wall array. Moreover, the height of a touch video wall must be taken into account, making a package like the “Impact” Bundle all the more attractive.”

There are three different packages and you can see all the details here.