GPO Display Debuts 57″ and 58″ Stretch Displays for Signage

uhd gpo display

GPO Display announced the launch of its new 57″ and 58″ Panoramic (stretch-style) LCDs. These models are shipping and represent GPO Display’s “first foray into Ultra High Definition (UHD) Panoramic displays, specifically designed for situations where wall space is limited but legibility at a significant distance is required.”

The 57″ PA57H is GPO Display’s most “stretched” offering yet, boasting an 80:9 aspect ratio (57.25” x 7.31”). The 58” PA58H is the largest overall Panoramic LCD, roughly half the size of a 65” 4K monitor.

Key Features of the New PA-series Stretch Displays:

  • The 57″ and 58″ displays represent GPO Display’s widest and largest overall panoramic models.
  • UHD Clarity: As GPO Display’s first UHD Panoramic models (3840 pixels).
  • Versatile Placement: Ideal for world clocks, ticker applications, above video walls, and in compact spaces where legibility at a distance is crucial.