Why Google’s JamBoard Could Actually Be a Disruptive Game-Changer

google-jamboard-1116Yes, it’s only 55″ but, don’t discount it as a potential game-changer in our market.

Every single PR firm in the commercial AV market has used the term “game-changer” or “disruptive” to describe a client’s new product or service. But most of the time, that’s just hype or hyperbole.

However, even though Google (and their PR firm) never mention either the words game changer or disruptive in their product announcement, the $6,000, 55” JamBoard may, in fact, be just that — or, both.


Nope, it’s not because it’s a 55” 4K interactive touchscreen monitor or because it’s only $6,000. It’s all about the software. Google isn’t in the hardware business — they want to sell software.

And, the JamBoard’s big push, over and over again, is all about how it integrates Google’s G Suite software package — that’s their branding for their pre-packaged set of software solutions that include Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive and Calendar for Business.

So, why should we care?

Again, because, Google is in this to sell software. Thus, you will see the JamBoard software ultimately licensed to anyone and everyone who wants it — sort of like Android is for phones, you will see JamBoard software for Sharp, for InFocus, for Samsung, for LG, for Sony, for (insert touch-screen manufacturers who wants to be in the interactive whiteboard market here).

Get it?

This is a prelude to a deluge of of licensable software to be integrated in to any touch-screen — turning it in to a interactive whiteboard. The JamBoard’s just a test-case to prove it can be done.

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Thus, their exclusive with BenQ is a way to show you how it works, how to sell it, how to integrate it and, ultimately, how to make it available to anyone, anywhere.

Now, that’s game changing — or, is it disruptive?