Google Integrates Vidyo Technology in Professional Hangouts Feature

Vidyo-Logo_Large-0214Vidyo announced details of a partnership with Google – a software-based solution that enables H.323/SIP video conferencing and IP PBX systems to connect users into Google+ Hangout Sessions. The new product will extend usability by allowing connectivity with existing business voice and video solutions from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Avaya and Vidyo. VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts will be offered on a subscription basis both on-premise and as a cloud-hosted product.

One application is to videoconference with your doctor — an application being promoted, actively, via Google and the company’s Hangout feature of Google+. Here’s an example of a dermatology service using the Google/Vidyo service already (this site includes a video explaining the service).

Vidyo’s patented VidyoRouter leverages Scalable Video Coding (SVC) for videoconferencing over the Internet (a VTC router-in-the-cloud) for multi-user video calls. WebRTC provides the ability to participate in video calls without a separate client or plug-in installation. WebRTC with scalability will give Web developers who are using VidyoRouter in their implementation access to even better video quality coupled with the no-install advantage. Chrome is expected to be the first browser to support the scalable version of WebRTC and, together, Vidyo and Google will promote this version with relevant standards bodies.

VidyoH2O for Google+ Hangouts is scheduled for general availability on March 31, 2014, on a subscription basis starting at $99/port/month for on-premise deployment, or as a cloud-hosted product for $149/port/month.

Vidyo is here.