Goodwill Industries Chooses Videotel’s HD2600 Industrial DVD Player

videotel12With a network of over 165 agencies in the United States and Canada with over 2,700 retail stores, Goodwill Industries takes pride in helping the community by selling donated clothes and household items at Goodwill retail stores within the community. The company recently purchased 75 of Videotel Inc.’s HD2600 industrial looping DVD players as test equipment for all donated televisions that come through its donation facilities nationwide.

The HD2600 is a true HD commercial grade, UL-approved, heavy-duty DVD player that automatically powers on, auto plays, seamlessly auto loops and auto repeats without manual interaction. Designed for use as a digital signage player or traditional looping DVD player, the HD2600 is built for rugged use for any video content to improve communication, advertise, educate, inform and entertain any audience. But the player is so powerful and reliable, it can also be used as test equipment in test labs.

“We had used another manufacturer’s product for our application, but since discovering the Videotel HD2600 industrial DVD player, we have gone to this product exclusively,” said Jon Manning, facility manager for Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana. “The HD2600 combination of rugged durability, size and price makes it a no-brainer choice. In addition, Videotel has always exhibited an excellent customer service attitude that makes them easy to work with.”

The HD 2600 is incomparable in quality and reliability. For companies like Goodwill Industries that need reliable audio/video resources, the HD2600 DVD player is the perfect solution, allowing for continuous play 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, regardless of planned or unforeseen power outages.

“We are happy to support the mission of Goodwill Industries, offering them a reliable solution to test the electronic equipment that comes through their vast donation facilities,” said Lisa Schneider, Videotel’s vice president of business development and market strategy. “We believe there isn’t a more powerful, affordable solution than Videotel’s HD2600 looping DVD player for Goodwill’s requirements.”

For more information on the HD 2600, or any other of our industrial media players, visit the Videotel Inc. website at, or call us at (800) 878-4056, ext. 27.

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