Good AV Episode 5: Wi-Fi and IT for Live Events: What You Need to Know

good-av-330If you are a live events professional, you know how mission critical the Wi-Fi and bandwidth can be for the success of an event. We will all recall the awkward event moment when Steve Jobs had to ask the room to turn of their devices because it was killing the bandwidth — and many of us have had similar experiences, even if on a smaller scale. So, if you produce, stage, manage, plan or otherwise serve the live events industry, youmust have a working knowledge of bandwidth and Wi-Fi in order to best serve your clients. Luckily for us, experts such as Ashton Burnette, business development manager for TOURTech are here to provide useful advice and guidance. With her experience serving clients like Lollapalooza and Amazon, she is an excellent resource and our GoodAV guest this month!