Good AV — Episode 11: The Artisanship of AV: Even 4K Can Be Bland!

Good AV —This month I have the privilege of having a return visit by Dusty Kraatz, owner of XI Media Productions and award-winning video producer, responsible for the world’s first live 4K video stream. While we chat briefly about 4K and the current state of technology, this episode uses 4K content as the framework to push you to think differently about how you approach your trade. We challenge you to examine whether you are a technically-perfect, formula-filling technician, or an artisan of experience. Are you so caught up in the mechanics of operating your tools that you’ve forgotten the reason you’re using them? Listen to a fun and lively chat and see if it inspires you to push some boundaries in the coming year! Visit here to revisit our last conversation about 4K technology.