SceneX Lighting Introduces LED Tape with Individual Pixel Control

GLP-Pixel-LED-Tape-2-1113GLP US has just launched a Pixel LED Tape with individual pixel control via DMX as part of its SceneX line of LED products. Used in a wide range of live, scenic and architectural applications, the SceneX range of LED solutions now offers greater control and creative possibilities.

The new Pixel LED tape adds individual control to each pixel in a tape system that has a higher resolution and higher output than competitive products. Included as standard is a 3M adhesive backing. As with other LED tapes in the SceneX range, an IP65 rating allows the tape to be used outdoors, or in other environments where it is likely to get wet. Scenex’s pixel tape has a pitch of 32 millimeters and is available in different lengths, with both black and white PCB backing.

Here are the details.