Glory Star Expands TAURI Series With New 7-Inch Design

glory star tauri temperature check 7 inch

Glory Star has expanded its TAURI Temperature Check Tablet series with the new 7-inch TAURI 7; designed for instant, contactless temperature scanning in restaurants and retail, outdoor venues and high-security applications. In addition to providing customizable temperature messaging, TAURI 7 features dual cameras, IP65-rated waterproof and anti-glare touch-capacitive glass, and TCP/IP relay.

Glory Star’s TAURI is a touch-free, accurate temperature check and messaging system in an Android-based tablet. It features an infrared sensor that immediately detects and issues a customizable alert when a person is running a temperature but can customize messages so that it’s not just simply a red or green light.

TAURI 7 is slim enough to fit on a ledge or be mounted on a stand without obstructing a narrow access checkpoint. It also features an IP65-rated waterproof, anti-glare touch surface and uses dual cameras that enable the tablet to recognize faces stored in the system when they’re screened. When used with the TCP/IP add-on module, the tablet can be used in conjunction with access control systems, providing a greater degree of security.

The TAURI 7 is available worldwide.