Globally, NEC Is First to Platinum Partner With UC Workspace QuickLaunch for Collaboration Boards

NEC Display Solutions of America and UC Workspace, creators of Quicklaunch, announced today that NEC Display Solutions’ has Platinum Partner status with UC Workspace Quicklaunch. The Quicklaunch meeting application is customized for use with NEC’s innovative InfinityBoard solution and is conferencing-provider agnostic. The solution is designed for easy use and delivers optimized integration with the not only NEC, but also its ecosystem partners.

Quicklaunch was developed to meet the diverse needs of customers in the evolving meeting room and, now, workspace environments. The solution supports one-click join for over 30 meeting providers along with the ability to launch applications, share devices and more all within a secured environment.

“The workspaces and meeting rooms are changing and thus the demands of our customers,” says Angela Hlavka, CEO of UC Workspace. “The solution bundle from NEC which includes Quicklaunch allows both organizations to evolve with them, offering an easy, flexible and powerful solution that can be used not only on interactive displays but also with other NEC displays and projectors.”

With flexibility and security at its core, the modular design of the Quicklaunch application is ideal for NEC’s new InfinityBoard. An all-in-one resource that enables teams to collaborate using the very latest applications with the best viewing experience.

The partnership between NEC Display Solutions and UC Workspace is in response to growing customer requirements and the global nature of fast-growing collaborative workspaces. The Platinum Partnership represents the high level of strategic relationship that not only optimizes Quicklaunch for the NEC InfinityBoard platform but provides the opportunity to uniquely expand its capabilities.

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NEC InfinityBoard with Quicklaunch will be available in North America in fall 2019. The Quicklaunch meeting application will be showcased together with the NEC InfinityBoard at the NEC booth #1600 at InfoComm 2019 next week and rAVe has been promised to be the first to see it – and we’ll shoot a video of it and post it with all our InfoComm 2019 coverage here.

NEC Europe made a similar announcement, simultaneously, today – you can read it here.

Details on the InfinityBoard are here while you can learn all about UC Workspace and Quicklaunch NEC partnership, here.