Global Display Solutions Expands the Lite PLUS Series to 98” 4Ks

CHICAGO March 27, 2017 – CHICAGO, Mar. 27, 2017 – Today, Global Display Solutions (GDS) announced the introduction of its 98” Lite Plus 4K display, designed for use in retail and advertising networked systems, such as shopping malls, in-store windows and public venues.

GDS’s 98” 4K, which offers several advantages, is ideal to use in place of a video wall. The large format display is seamless, has optical bonding, and a small, consistent 17.2 mm bezel all around the edge. Fast to install, it eliminates the time and effort to put up and adjust a video wall’s four smaller displays to exactly line up on their mounting.

Further, using LCD technology with an LED backlight, the 98” 4K screen display offers vivid, bright colors and allows easy readability of content messages. It can be linked to other screens in a venue to enhance a campaign.

Other 98” 4K Lite PLUS display features include:

An OPS Slot which increases flexibility for users of any digital signage application;

ARM® Cortex® – A9-Based engine with internal media player;

For use in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation.

“Our new, largest 4K display is great to use as a seamless video wall,” says Robert Heise, Executive Vice-President, GDS Displays. “Through our unique GDS Technology, the 98” Lite Plus 4K display removes the seams from the video wall experience, enhancing visual communications and providing a more engaging experience for customers.”

The strong Optical Bonded glass overlay is a special feature of GDS’s 98” 4K. Among its many advantages, the Optical Bond increases the contrast ratio by reducing reflections from ambient light and the LCD backlight so the display appears brighter and colors are more vivid, with no ‘washed out’ look. Therefore, GDS Lite PLUS displays deliver rich, dynamic and relevant eye-catching content.   It also provides an additional layer of protection from damage when mounted within public access.

The new GDS 98” Lite PLUS 4K display, which builds on GDS Displays’ existing presence in the retail and advertising markets, is available immediately.

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