Global Display Solutions Expands the Lite PLUS Series to 98″ 4K Displays

Global Display Solutions (GDS) announced the introduction of its 98″ Lite Plus 4K (3840×2160) display, designed for use in retail and advertising networked systems, such as shopping malls, in-store windows and public venues. It’s being marketed as an alternative to using a 2×2 video wall.

GDS’s 98″ 4K uses optical bonding (which GDS says increases the contrast ratio by reducing reflections from ambient light and the LCD backlight so the display appears brighter and colors are more vivid, with no ‘washed out’ look) and the display has a narrow 17.2-millimeter bezel all around the edge.

Using LCD technology with an LED backlight, the 98″ 4K features include:

  • An OPS Slot which increases flexibility for users of any digital signage application
  • ARM Cortex — A9-Based engine with internal media player
  • Can be used in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation

The new GDS 98″ Lite PLUS 4K display is available immediately and here are the specs.