Girl Boss Into the New Year With a LAVNCH & LEARN On Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Girl Boss LL4 Graphics 1200x630 no buttonWe’ve all faced times where we feel underqualified and incapable of a task or job presented to us, and that certainly doesn’t stop when we get to the workplace. If you find yourself thinking, “I’m not technical enough for this,” we have a news flash for you: you are! In the upcoming Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN, “Overcoming Imposter Syndrome,” Megan A. Dutta, Sarah J. Bohnenkamp, Maile Keone and Karyn Schoenbart will discuss how to overcome imposter syndrome in the office so you can become the girl boss we know you can be!

“This upcoming Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN is an event where we will discuss something everyone can relate to — feeling inadequate,” said Megan A. Dutta, director of emerging markets for LAVNCH at THE rAVe Agency and panelist for the Jan. 10 webinar. “This will be an important discussion centering on how to recognize just how qualified, technical and capable you are!”

To learn more or to register for the Jan. 10 Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN, visit here.

The Girl Boss LAVNCH & LEARN Series is sponsored by AtlasIED.