Gimme Your Best Advice: TEST TAKING #CTS

Young student worried

I’m not looking for sympathy, pity, encouragement, or words of wisdom. I don’t want fluff. I don’t want sunshine and berries.

People: I’m looking for realconcretevaluable advice.

I’m officially registered to take my CTS Exam. May 31st. Noon. Durham, NC. 

Okay, remember when I finished the InfoComm academy? Well, it’s about time I test that knowledge. And I wanna do it before InfoComm in June.

Now, I have an irrational fear of testing. I’ve never been a good test taker. Took me three times to get a decent enough score on the SAT to get into college. This one time, in like third grade, my teachers thought I had a learning disability because my test scores were so low. My grades were great, but my test scores were plummeting.

I don’t tell you think to make myself sound like an ignoramus. I’ve always done well in school – and writing essays? PIECE OF CAKE! But multiple choice tests? And ones THAT INCLUDE MATH? Oh dear sweet Lord. Not good.

So, I’m being serious. Give me your best advice. Have you taken the CTS exam? Or are you just great at taking tests? I am looking for some insight I can use.

Also, if you’re good at AV math, leave me some pointers.

I’ve got my study guide. I’ve got my InfoComm academy notes. I’ve got my quizzes. But I’m gonna need a whole lot more than that to knock this thing puppy outta the park.

So, I turn to you. 

Leave a comment with your best Test-Taking adviceOR, leave a comment with your best CTS Test advice. Or you can e-mail me. I’m being serious.

And tell how how to deal with this crap: