Gig Gear Updates Two Hand Touch Tablet Harness

THT updates gig gear

Gig Gear has announced new updates to its Two Hand Touch (THT) tablet harness. The lightweight harness is worn over the shoulders and across the chest allowing AV techs and other audio professionals to use both their hands on apps that allow for multitouch capabilities. The THT also keeps the iPad out of the way but makes it immediately accessible when necessary.

New updates include upgrades to the side walls of the tablet holder to make it elastic which allows the user to keep their tablet in its existing case, increasing flexibility. Additionally, the harness straps are now adjustable so users can view their tablet at a variety of angles. Finally, by reducing the size of the internal straps that hold smaller tablets from 1 inch down to the new ½-inch size, less of the screen of the tablet is obscured.

The THT is ideal for two-hand, multitouch control during remote mixing or remote tuning of a room. The Two Hand Touch also helps techs wirelessly control systems in large venues without having to carry around the tablet and reduces the risk of dropped tablets.

Two models are currently available: the Two Hand Touch 9 and the Two Hand Touch 12, which are designed to fit the standard iPad 9.7-inch size and the iPad Pro 12.9-inch size, respectively. With multiple elastic bands in different configurations included on the inside of the case, tablets and phones of all sizes can easily be secured as well.

When not in use, the case flattens up against the harness and can be secured out of the way. On the front of the case are convenient pockets and pouches that can hold multiple accessories and tools including, pens, a dB meter, microphones (both handheld and measurement), gaffers tape, cables, radios, picks, drum keys, wrenches, allen keys and more.