Gesture Controls For the Willing and Patient People Living in 3D


The following was written in 3D:

Over the weekend I was able to chime in with my commentary on the newish podcast, AV WEEK . Hosted by Tim Albright , and usually recorded Friday morning (my time). However, Episode 14 , was recorded on a Saturday, huzzah! One of the topics was, patents being filed by Apple and Microsoft for gesture control. Microsoft has Kinect, Apple is filling for gesture control on their tablets, and there’s talk of Apple, of course making an “iTV” (I only say iTV, because if they made a robot, it would be callediRobot, and then they would sue Roomba makers , Fox, and Will smith for being in that movie).

So, it’s a race to see who gets there first, who will get said patent, sue the other, and be tied up in lawsuits for the next two years? Does it even matter? What this really means is, that very soon here, you will be doing the wave, the robot (he he) and other silly motion sequences to control your TV.

A few months back, Intel put a commercial out , very similar to what I am talking about. This was more on the grander scale, silly looking none the less. But, don’t be surprised when this is the norm. It’s clearly already acceptable to talk to your phone and have it do all the work for you . That being said (think back to that iTV I mentioned earlier), do you really think that this technology wouldn’t be a part of Apple’s new invention, SIRI-ously?

Some of the movies that you can compare this too (minus SIRI), and were mentioned on the podcast, are Minority Report and Iron Man .

From what I can gather, Apple envisions a system to be able to send content to and from devices, while Microsoft is more along the lines of the minority report and Iron man computer styled gestures. Either way, I’m kind of excited for something like this. Although, I can see a lot of things being broken, people getting “accidently” slapped, and or punched while trying to turn on the TV. George Tucker points out, now, our kids our going to have to take classes just to figure out how to do any basic functions in the home.

While George is correct about the classes, if Apple is the one who wins, no one would argue about the learning curve. If anyone else gets there first, people will complain. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who gets there first, just be prepared for some SIRI-ous changes to our daily lives.