Geobox Intros New Hardware Solution for Control and Edge-Blending

geobox ud10x

GeoBox just introduced the GeoBox UD10X, a hardware solution for control and edge-blending of 8K/2K using 4K UHD projectors. UD10X is a modularized design to control up to four projectors from one UD100 and can be daisy-chained to support unlimited UHD projectors. Each module is equipped with four inputs (3x HDMI2.0 & 1x DP1.4) and one output (HDMI 2.0). UD10X is also an advanced hardware edge-blending processor with full functions for warping and edge blending. Except for signal source and projector, no PC or additional equipment is required. The major applications are warping and edge blending on flat, curved and cylindric screen.

Here’s a video of how it works:

Features include:

  • Setup and control through front panel keypads, IR, USB or Ethernet.
  • Integrated with full functions for edge blending. No PC, image splitter or signal distributor is required.
  • Precise edge blending area color fine-tune, including independent RGB gamma correction, white balance adjustment and black level uplift.
  • PIP/POP function with flexible location and PIP size up to WUXGA.
  • MultiViewer function to display 2/3/4 split views in each projector and up to 16 contents from one UD104.
  • Geometry alignment through keypad, IR, USB and Ethernet with flexible grid size and pattern. Corner wall and linearity grid line adjustment are integrated.
  • Edge blending up to 1920 overlap pixels in all edges.
  • Show all-in-one content or discrete content in each projector.
  • Flexible aspect ratio adjustment for final image.
  • Edge mask through eight control points.