Genelec Announces 9320A Reference Controller as Bridge for UNIO Audio Monitoring Service Platform

genelec 9320a

Genelec just launched the 9320A Reference Controller as a bridge to its UNIO Audio Monitoring Service Platform. UNIO combines all the benefits of Genelec Smart Active Monitors, GLM 5.0 calibration software, and Aural ID 2.0 technology to create seamless integration between professional in-room loudspeakers and headphone monitoring services. With flexible connectivity, a reference-grade headphone output and tactile hardware control of Smart Active Monitors, GLM and Aural ID, the 9320A provides a compact and exceptional hub for both static and mobile professional audio monitoring applications.

At the heart of the UNIO platform is Genelec’s range of Smart Active Monitors, which utilize auto-calibration and cloud computing to enable the production of accurate, reliable mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and systems. For professional headphone users, Genelec’s Aural ID technology provides a completely personal and truthful headphone listening experience with the natural sense of space and imaging provided by good in-room monitoring. Combining a calibrated Smart Active Monitoring system and professional headphones with Aural ID allows the user to enjoy mixes that translate reliably between monitors and headphones – for a smooth, uninterrupted workflow.

With the introduction of UNIO and the 9320A, users can integrate these technologies and services via a single intuitive mobile desktop device, and view the entire system via the user’s own MyGenelec account. As a bridge to UNIO, the 9320A manages multiple Smart Active Monitoring systems from stereo to immersive and beyond and comes complete with a factory-calibrated reference microphone to allow automated system calibration and control of key GLM software features.

The 9320A can control up to three separate monitoring systems plus headphones, and each system can operate at a calibrated listening level, according to EBU R128, ATSC A/85 or SMPTE RP200 standards. While the 9320A can support any active loudspeaker system – such as one or two ALT stereo sets – it provides instant one-click access to many extra monitor control features built into Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring family.

The reference-grade headphone output of the 9320A features excellent linearity and dynamic range. It allows users to combine their choice of professional quality headphones with the latest Aural ID 2.0 headphone plug-in. Users can, therefore, experience accurate, reliable, and completely personal headphone monitoring while simultaneously measuring sound exposure to ensure safe listening.

Additionally, the 9320A allows integration with any DAW or audio interface, and with its analog, AES/EBU, and USB connectivity, the 9320A can connect directly to stereo monitoring systems (with and without a subwoofer), providing monitor control and doubling as a high-quality A-D and D-A converter for both monitors and headphones.

The introduction of UNIO and the 9320A also coincides with the latest GLM 5.0 loudspeaker manager software release, which supports both the 9320A and the flagship 8381A free-standing main monitor unveiled earlier this year. GLM 5.0 employs sophisticated cloud computing, enabling UNIO to effortlessly integrate a range of reference audio monitoring services, including intelligent room analysis, in-room system calibration, monitor control and fully personal audio monitoring.