Gefen Expands 600 MHz Series With New HDMI 2.0a Compliant Matrix Products

Gefen from Core Brands today debuted two new matrix products, the EXT-UHD600A-44 and EXT-UHD600A-88, that support the latest HDMI 2.0a (4K 4:2:20 @ 60Hz) and HDCP 2.2 standards. The introduction was made at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam.

Both matrix products are compliant with the bandwidth of the HDMI 2.0a specification and support all 4K timings and Chroma subsampling formats, meaning that features such as HDR and all aspects of Rec. 2020 are also supported. Also, both matrix products incorporate analog and digital audio breakouts that de-multiplex the audio stream from each HDMI output, thus allowing the isolated audio content to be connected to external amplifiers and music distribution systems, such as those found in bars, restaurants, clubs, venues and corporate offices.

Two of the outputs on the EXT-UHD600A-44 have the ability to downscale a 4K signal to HD, while the remaining two outputs can upscale an HD signal to 4K Ultra HD. The EXT-UHD600A-44 also includes a Long Range Power (LRP) feature that eliminates the need for commercial installers to use an external power supply when using a compatible extender to increase the matrix’s output beyond an HDMI cable’s limits.

All of the details are here.